Dear Mr. Programmer

Dear Mr Programmer,

You know what? I want to tell you about a little secret. Would you promise me that you will never ever hating me if I tell you about this?

Well, yeah. I have a feeling for you.

Yes I do. I did. I am.

I am falling in love with you.

You know, we never know when is the right time for us to fall in love. And for me, love is an unpredictable condition or thing or whatever it is. It’s just happened to me. And I never know that someday (and it’s already come today) I will have a crush on you.

I don’t know where it starts.

I think it starts when we meet and then we have a little fights and then you tell me that you are sorry. I said I’m sorry too about a little stupid thing that we do in our project. And after that we have a great time together. I love your smile, and your eyes and even your style when you are thinking. Or everything in you. I love them all.

And suddenly I have this feeling.

I’m in love with you.

Maybe it’s silly. But I just want you to know that.

If I could ask you something.

Please.. please.. please.. Can you just restart it? My heart?

And if you can do that, would you please.. full my heart with a little program called us..?

I know you can do it.

Because you are a programmer, right?
Just please, be my programmer..

..for my heart?





-the end-



Mohon dimaklumi untuk penggunaan bahasa Inggris yang salah karena keterbatasan bahasa penulis.. 🙂


Mohon kritikan dan masukannya.

Terima kasih


5 pemikiran pada “Dear Mr. Programmer

  1. never be afraid to use English… i’m also still learning about it. and thankfully, i have friend that always correcting me if i was wrong. :d practice makes perfect right?

    agak rancu sih. karena ada yg di-bold. ada yang di-italic. jadi mikir itu percakapan. tapi siapa dengan siapa, kadang jadi bingung.

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